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Aceite de oliva Encinas Montequinto

Olive Oil Mill and Olive Grove

Our mill has the most modern machinery for the production of olive oil and our objetive is to obtain a special olive oil, so that all our components are made of stainless steel, from the olive harvest in stainless trailers, moving machinery for cleaning and grinding and finishing with storage tanks.

Receiving hoppers fruit is emptied daily, avoiding olive storage. The churning mass is made not more than 22 degrees of temperature, and the cleanliness of our oil we make through a battery of special stainless steel decanters with an automatic purge. No use centrifuge and thus avoid the addition of water and the increase in the oil temperature.

The recollection

Harvesting is done using modern vibrators and a collection system for machining canvases, enabling us to transport the olives from the tree to the mill in a very short time and guarantees optimum fruit quality.

Harvest the olives before dropping it guarantees obtaining an extra virgin olive oil superior.

Culture system that cares for the environment

All trees are fully machinable, have installed the drip fertigation system and are certified “Integrated Production” (API) that guarantee friendly practices towards the environment and a rational system of cultivation.

The electrical energy required for the operation of the farm is obtained from photovoltaic plants, yard trimmings are collected for use as biomass.

La Almazara Aceite de Oliva Montequinto